Credit for new teeth


Dental treatments have the unpleasant property of causing pain twice: once in the mouth and once in the purse, if the health insurance does not agree to cover the costs. In most cases, the costs of dentures are only partially reimbursed. So if you want to do without the gap between your teeth, you will find them again at the latest in your own household budget. Those who do not want to settle for that should consider taking out a new tooth loan.

Credit for new teeth at the dentist

Credit for new teeth at the dentist

The dentists are also aware of the situation, which is why many of them have gone under the credit intermediaries. Depending on which association the dentist belongs to, the credit for new teeth can be more expensive or cheaper. Many dentists already work together with banks in order to offer patients a suitable loan as quickly and easily as possible. Anyone who sees the role of the loan broker as a second reason for being scared of having a dentist’s appointment should better get private dental insurance.

But since a denture is not due tomorrow, tomorrow, patients can still look elsewhere for a loan, because even if the application to the dentist seems easiest, so it must be far from the cheapest alternative. In addition, the dentist also required certain collateral to secure the loan. A perfect credit rating should be guaranteed. This concerns both the credit bureau and the regular income of the patient, with which ultimately the debt service is to be made.

Dentures by installment loan

Dentures by installment loan

Almost every bank has a classic installment loan in its range, often under the terms direct or instant loan. These usually start with amounts of 2,000 to 3,000 USD and can be expanded to sums between 50,000 and 80,000 USD. Of course, that’s not what a dental treatment should cost, unless you value a very eccentric appearance. However, since most patients do not really care about this when it comes to getting a new tooth loan, the other conditions should be compared with each other. Above all, the comparison of interest rates is required. Here the applicant has two choices: debit interest rate and effective interest rate. In order to check which loan is the cheaper one, the effective interest rates should always be compared.

The effective interest rate already includes all the costs that are relevant for the loan and thus provides information about what the loan for new teeth will ultimately cost in the end.
Since at the latest in the search on the Internet a whole flood of offers, it makes sense to look at suitable loan comparisons to heart, since at least a part of the existing offers is displayed clearly and provided with all the essential features. Credit comparisons are also very good at providing yourself an overview of the current conditions in the credit market. Who takes enough time to feel the various offers on the tooth, should usually have no problems with finding a cheap deal.

The other conditions of normal installment loans are very similar. The maximum maturities are usually found at 84 months, but may also differ slightly. This is also the basis of the rates at which interest and principal payments are paid. Whether a residual debt insurance is appropriate should be decided on a case-by-case basis. Smaller amounts do not usually require such credit insurance.


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