You need loans for all sorts of purposes. But it is not always about material things, but more and more consumers need credit to maintain good health. Those who are covered by statutory health insurance receive hardly any subsidies from the statutory health insurance for dental treatment.

This is also noticed by children and adolescents. More and more money parents have to pay for dental treatment. If the child needs a brace, it will devour a lot of money and a loan for the braces will be needed.

Credit for braces

Credit for braces

Is there even a loan for the braces? Normally yes. The house bank advisor certainly understands this step, perhaps he has children of his own and knows about the problems parents often face. No parent wants the child to be teased with braces.

For this reason, most opt ​​for high quality and expensive braces that are almost invisible. They cost their money though. Quick come here sums between 6,000, – and 8,000, – USD together. Who can flip that in a buzzer on the table.

Many dentists offer the possibility of installment. Billing is via a central system that receives the monthly installments. This financing is an option, but there is still a way through a bank. This is sometimes cheaper, because these central billing agencies will hardly award a loan without interest.

Banks rarely ask about the purpose. At least that’s the case with the Internet banks. In addition, these are lower in most cases with the interest. A comparison is already worthwhile.

Credit for a brace – The comparison is important

Credit for a brace - The comparison is important

For this reason, should first lead the way to the house bank. But even a comparison on the Internet can bring positive results. A comparison is worthwhile in any case. Nobody needs to be ashamed to ask his house bank for a brace for a brace. However, it is important that the parents have a regular income and have no negative Credit bureau entries.

It is critical if the parents are unemployed. In this case, a loan for a braces is rejected by the banks, despite a positive Credit bureau Hartz 4 recipients have only the opportunity to ask the social services for support. Whether this is granted, however, depends on the responsible person or clerk.

Health costs money. Especially for cash patients. So that dental care does not throw a big hole in the household cash, money should be paid in advance, at least that is important when children live in the household. Because they cost a lot of money.


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